Corporate Policy


President Hiroshi Uchimoto

A hall cup approximately 4inch in diameter in several hundred yards ahead.

We hammer a small ball approximately 1.6inch in diameter in only several shots.

The sports that I made it simple so as to think, and are full of “miracles”.

This is golf.

I believe the main reason that golf has attracted people for several hundred years is it’s "continuous challenge to the miracle".

A round in comfortable refreshing wind.

Intense heat of the midsummer. Severe cold Winter. Violent rain and wind. In any situation, all golfers swings there golf clubs for this "moment of miracle".

In the moment,

    The person who pumps its fist into the air greatly.

    The person who grasps a fist small.

    The person who roars with laughter.

    The person who laughs in embarrassment.

    The person who raises a loud voice.

    The person who mutters in a low voice.

    The person full of tears.

Because a person has the various lives and backgrounds, the expression to show in this moment is multifarious.

I love expressions of this moment making people look so innocent.

We have passed for 50 years with the principle, "want to know the pleasure of life through golf towards all golfers, and continue to be the best partner for it”. I think that we might have contributed a little of many people’s instant joy in life.

In year 2008.

We made "Concept-C" which assume "Culture" (golf culture) "Century" (100 years company) "Charm" (charm) a keyword forwarding new 50 years .

This is our promise to contribute making healthy and lively society with the goal of creating and upbringing golf culture through creating an attractive and talented person and continue providing attractive products, plans, and services in fair and clear ways.

We become all company bullets, and at any time we will support golf “culture of miracle “, and continue contributing to make the joy in the life of all people.

President President Hiroshi Uchimoto

Fundamental Principle

To let everyone realize the pleasure of life through golf, and continue being the best partner for it.


Concept-C Charm: Company full of charm

An attractive products, services, plans are created by an attractive and talented person. We improve ourselves through a constant effort and continue being a group having a human resource full of charm, and aim at true contribution to the society.

Culture: Company supporting Golf Culture

We regard golf as culture. Continue making effort and have the sense of mission for the permanent development of Golf Culture. This constant effort must be performed to pursue the happiness of our customers and employees and their family. Therefore we must always be groups burning with high hopes.

Century: Company that continues 100 years

Through contribution to the Golf Culture and moving toward sensible society, we must do business that continue developing with full of vigor and challengeness. At the same time, we must always be fair to own and to the customers and employees and their family, that will lead us to be fair and square honorable group.


Charm: Company full of charm

A company full of charm is a company overflowing with an attractive and talented person. An attractive person is a person with high will and ability, has compassion for others, and trusted by customers, family, co-workers, and friends.

We must think about what an attractive products, plans, attractive services are and always move forward to realize that they always link with altruistic mind to contact people and raising our abilities. Attractive products, plans, attractive services we offer are created by an attractive person.

Each employee’s continuous efforts and encouraging of one will lead to a company full of charm for us, family, and the society which connects to true contribution to the society.

Culture: Company supporting Golf Culture

We support golf culture forever, and wish to exist as a company contributing to the society. Therefore it’s important that we have a sense of duty to develop this intention.

At first, as our employee, please try to be able to talk about charm of golf enthusiastically. And each must understand the mission that one should achieve in the society. In the company, each must recognize own role, have rich imagination, be full of challenge spirit, and have fun within serious, warmness within severeness, coolness within eagerness. Cooperate with a party and tackle a task.

We exist to pursue the happiness of an employee and the family with customers by realizing healthy society through the development of the golf culture. Therefore we must always be groups burning with high hopes.

Century: Towards 100 years continuing company

We have established 50 years of business and have been supporting golf culture through development and circulation of the golf products. Toward the original innovative only one company, all of the employee repeat a challenge without flattering the history and want to continue growing up.

New 50 years of business will be created by employee thinking about golf seriously, and pursue future of golf single-mindedly.

Therefore we must take fair and square action in the light of our conscience. We must continue be an honorable company to the golf culture, the society, and naturally to the customers, employee and their family..

Products Policy

Products Policy In late years the golf club changed to the industrial products that new material put a new technology together compositely. The capacity of the driver became the size of the double in ten years, and the performance such as a flying distance or the directionality improved markedly, too. The golf clubs continue evolving every day.

We have been continued looking such a change in the face in the development spot of the battle front for 50 years. I can develop a new product in response to user needs of the time by I set up an antenna around the latest technical trend, and repeating new theoretical grope.

However, we may value it further. That means, "a golf club is the ultimate tool which a person uses by the living body and cannot ignore the sensitivity of the person". Something like "soul" that is about to appeal to the intuition beyond the level of industrial products on the golf club must exist.

The thought for the development of the golf article in any times, there is not at all changing with the hot passion that Old Tom Morris hung for the club production 150 years ago. The thought, people "enjoy golf" is because there is not still it with the old days and eternity, any changing thing.

Logistic Policy

hotmotto We have established "Kobe logistics center fielder" proud of 5000 square meters in ground-floor area, 10,000 square meters in total floor area on January 4, 1998. We introduced the latest material handling apparatuses such as the automatic warehouse, mobile rack and enabled industry's leading high-speed use.

Furthermore, the business activity to assume industry's leading IT structure which is a backbone lets all processes to reach the retail store from the maker cooperate in the mutual intervals, and the national brand maker companies reach these functions that they get the great trust from the domestic and foreign retail stores.

The Asahi golf is the company which continues still evolving since the establishment of a business after 50 years.

And we aim at a help of the golf life of all of you each one functioning as the open logistics center ,not in the closed logistics center to form merely business.