Logistics Capability

The core of Asahi golf in response to every needs.

The flexible and leading edge, distribution

The needs of the customer diversifies more and more with the changes of times and require the thing of a higher level. It may be said that it is an everlasting proposition to meet the needs that are wide and various of such a customer as the golf trading firm which I support golf culture, and tells. One of the collected studies in response to the demand is the Kobe logistics center that is the core of the physical distribution base.

It occurred in large quantities, and, besides, and we practiced the construction of the distribution system on the greatest theme how we process fast complicated order information to every affair ,and sent it to the hand of the customer. At first we maintain a real-time inventory control system to confirm the latest stock situation immediately from all branches, offices of the whole country. Based on the correct stock information that we received here, I realize order computerization fast using strategic system which condensed the IT technology such as EDI or the mobile order entry system between companies. we have investigated the efficiency of the process until delivery to the maximum. And we made full use of an automatic warehouse system and the material handling devices such as the movement rack system which they introduced with a commentary of our center, and these effects enabled the effective management, use of enormous products.

Of course these system armament assumes that they can respond the market needs that will occur towards the future quickly from now on. Continuing meeting needs of the end user with flexibility to always build the best system not to mention a client. It may be said that this is the biggest key which continues to grow up as a company


Floor Summary

1F receiving and shipping floor / product safekeeping place (2614m2
mobile rack =420 palette stored
automatic warehouse (1F/2F) =800 palette stored
Management of material distribution section (receiving and shipping, inventory control)
2F product safekeeping place (2372m2
mobile rack = 420 palette stored
3F shipment work floor (2550m2
Various distribution processing workshops
Management of material distribution section
4F picking area