Logistics Center Sumarry

About Center

The Asahi Golf’s head office takes position in Kobe distribution center. Kobe has developed remarkably of distribution operation in Japan. We transcended a category of the established distribution center, and placed here with the big synthesis system base that the function that should become the strategic tactics base of the company.

In our center, we are developing the aggressive strategy-like management that is able to enter the view at market creation in a backbone by an information network and the distribution system which we linked to cope with a change of a variety of needs of the golf article market immediately.

Institution Summary Plottage 5,000m2
Total Floor Area 10,196m2
Vertical direction line of flow Elevator for 2.5t freight 1F - 5F *1
Palette and Chassis lifter 1F - 4F *1, 2F - 4F *1 two planes in total
Ability for shipment 2,000 boxes / day
The handling item total number Approximately 20,000 points