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Corporate philosophy




Charm An Attractive Company

Attractive products, attractive projects and attractive services are created by attractive personnel. We will continue to be "a group with attractive human resources" that can refine ourselves through constant efforts and aim for a true social contribution. To that end, we will develop human resources with high motivation and skills, combined with a pleasant personality, who are trusted and respected by the customers, families, colleagues and friends, in order contribute directly to the community.

Culture Company that Supports Golf Culture

We regard golf as a culture and continue to strive to have a sense of mission in developing the "golf culture" persistently. This constant effort should be done to pursue the happiness of our customers, and at the same time the happiness of our employees and their families. For that reason, we will continue to be a "passionate group" all the time. We value the new ideas and challenger mindsets, having fun while being serious at the same time, being kind even during hardships, and work calmly on various challenges.

Century One-Century Company

Our objective is to be a company that continues to develop persistently and vigorously with a challenging spirit, towards realizing a "healthy" and "fit" society through the development of golf culture. At the same time, we will continue to act as a "proud group" that is forever fair to our customers and also our employees and their families through our actions that we can be proud of. By thinking deeply about golf and continuously create new values, we are ready for the creation of another 50-year history.